Wednesday, February 04, 2009

RCMP investigate altercation between Israeli, Palestinian support

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
Looks like the Israeli/Gaza issue is beginning in our Universities with differences of opinion.
Perhaps if they feel so strongly about the issue, they should immediately pack up, call a Cab and head to the nearest airport where their own brand of protests will do much better in their homeland, while they dodge bullets waving their protest signs?

And the what the hell is a BC HATE CRIME TEAM? I Mean give me a break! Is this the only Tofu Eatin Province that has special Task Forces for every name under the sun?  

Someone needs a Good Slap unside the Head here!  I imagine there is a roundtable of Politicians sitting around making up names for individual Task Forces, what next ?  Homeless use Stolen Shopping Carts, Let's form a "BC Stolen Shopping Cart Crime Team" , Oh wait some of those homeless may be of Colour, Better make an even better team, we'll call it "BC Intergrated Non White Homeless Stolen Shopping Cart Team"!!!  But wait are not some of these Homeless Drug Addicted? Good Point Gregor, Okay Everybody, Name Change, the New Task force will be called the "BC Intergrated Drug Addicted Non White Homeless Stolen Shopping Cart Team"!!
There, that'll look good on Two business Cards, I am sure glad we are earning our Paycheques!  Okay, everyone Lunch Break, Give yourself a round of applause!!!

Excuse me Sir., I have a question!  Oh sure and what is your Question? What if the Homeless person is a Disabled Gay Vegetarian with a Stolen Shopping Cart!  Okay, everyone, get back here, it's back to the drawing board!
Shirley call the printer and tell em to cancel that last Task Force name Business Card order.........

Bottom Line, Nothing ever gets done around here, no matter what name you call your special Fruity Task Force.

VANCOUVER -The RCMP are investigating a series of altercations over the weekend at the University of B.C. between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian supporters. According to a police news release, around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, a student was studying in his residence room when he heard a commotion outside his door. He looked outside to see four students, one of which was holding a video camera. The four men fled and the student noticed that posters on his door supporting Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization had been torn down.

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