Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quebec separatist army claims victory

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Considering the terrible state of the Economy, a few Crotch Monkeys, threw a Wrench into a Re-enactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, a historic battle which helped in part form the United States and Canada, as well as make Quebec what some say is a "Country within a Country. Being from Quebec City myself and being a Quebecer, a victory may have been won by these Idiots, but at the Expense and a Huge Loss to the People of Quebec in terms of Quebec Pride and Fortitude against all Odds in the Battle, not to mention Tourist Dollars and showcasing to the World that Nonsensical Babblings from a small group of Separatistes armed with an Internet Petition did what the British could no do! Stop History in the Making!  

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was not just French against the British, but the Quebecers who fought against the British were Irish, Scottish, English, French, German, First Nations, etc, and yes hundreds of Colonial Americans, including Benedict Arnold who were tired of English Oppression.

Granted, we lost the Battle, but won the War, but the bigger picture many fail to realise, is today we are here and British Army is not. 

So in reality, who really won the Battle of the Plains of Abraham?  We did! Making our two countries one of the most desirable places to live while other countries look on with envy.

As for the Separatistes, their Tunnel Vision certainly shows how moronic they really are!

A ragtag army of Quebec separatists, armed only with Internet petitions and menacing e-mails, appears to have triumphed where the French army failed 250 years ago, preventing another British victory on the Plains of Abraham.

Following weeks of mounting controversy that last week reached Parliament, the National Battlefields Commission is to announce today a revised plan to commemorate the anniversary of the historic 1759 battle.

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