Thursday, February 12, 2009

Omar Khadr's return in country's best interest, say opposition MP

Barry Artiste Op/Ed Opposition Political opportunists grandstanding for the Media are demanding our Prime Minister Stephen Harper tell Obama in no uncertain terms to release Accused Terrorist Omar Khadr to Canada, because in their Word (Drivel) it is in Canada's Interest that Khadr come back to Canada for Rehabilitation and a most likely a Heros Welcome by Anti American advoctates! I for one would like to know the reasoning in their "Statement of Idiocy" how bringing Taliban Khadr back to Canada will serve in our Best Interests?????? Are these three Stooges on Crack?? Again I bring up the subject of Politicians looking for that almighty ethnic vote, as there are Canadians serving prision time in other countries who profess innocence, yet these Three Wonks of Stupidity remain Silent for their cause, as a woman spent 2 years rotting in a Mexican Jail and it was Prime Minister Harpers Government who finally got her home, not these three Drivel Donkeys, why? Well she was Canadian and of no particular ethinicity, hence not a Vote Getter for these Three Insipid Rump Rangers! It seems if you are Ethnic, and the potential Votes are plentiful, then you can count on these three Lefty Morons to have your back! Omar Khadr's return in country's best interest, say opposition MPs PMO dismisses plea as 'PR campaign' With Washington poised to shut down the Guantanamo Bay military prison, it's in Canada's best interest to bring terrorism suspect Omar Khadr back home to monitor his situation, a trio of opposition MPs said Wednesday. The opposition call came shortly before one of Khadr's lawyers and a group of Muslim leaders outlined a proposed reintegration plan for Khadr if he is returned to Canada. Despite the plea, a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper reaffirmed there will be no change in policy regarding Khadr unless the U.S. changes its position and dismissed the plan as a "PR stunt and nothing more."

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