Monday, February 09, 2009

Leaving the West: Tough times bring gangsters back East to Ottawa

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Seems even Criminals and Drug Dealers have "Nancy Boy Gangsters" who don't like the Prairie Gangsters shooting at them, and opted for a more gentler city to ply their terror and drug dealing. Guess West Coast and Prairie Gangsters are made of stronger stuff! Run Away, Run Away!

OTTAWA — Ottawa street gang members who had moved out West to chase a dream of dealing drugs and getting rich are heading home, police say, forced back by tough times in their cutthroat trade.

There had been a steady flow of these street-level entrepreneurs, from Ottawa and elsewhere, who left their hometowns to deal drugs in Alberta when the economy there was red-hot.

But as the overall economy has worsened, so, too, have gang members’ fortunes: Now there is less money to be made and increased competition for the business that remains.

Additionally, gangs have seen the murders of their members by presumed rivals and have come under increased police scrutiny since moving to the Prairie province.

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