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Government won't get 'blown off track' by job stats: PM


Harper gettin blown

Harper gettin blown

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In my Opinion, and a valid Opinion at that!

It is refreshing Harper won't get "Blown" by Job stats, but we certainly know when Canada is in Dire Straits financially, Politicians of every stripe can always find Billions of dollars in Taxpayer Money to bring in 300,000 Immigrants every year into this country, and when they hit our shores, our government, feeds, houses. clothes, free healthcare, education and ESL courses etc.

Not to mention the 2 billion dollars annually of taxpayers money to feed, house, clothe, healthcare and legal costs etc just for the Illegal immigrants who are in Canada unlawfully, and the Canadian Government continues to support them financially cause the Canadian Government doesn't know what to do with them? Why is that insanity allowed to continue, while Canadians who are also taxpayers are out of work, some homeless?

Surely the Ethnic vote doesn't sway Harper's decision as well as the Liberals and NDP before him?

So when Harper states in the Media he is not "Blown", I beg to differ! Cause I am sure there is a little Spooning and Pillow Talk after as well!

Barry Artiste Pissed Off Canadian

Methinks an immediate Royal Commission on Immigration should be implemented as soon as possible, while we still have our jobs and homes. We need to halt immigration, till this country has zero unemployment and a healthy health care system and the Homeless and Seniors are take care of. Cause if we do not act Now, we may be next without a job or a home or country to come home to.

The federal government must "stick to the course" outlined in its massive economic stimulus plan despite the "bad news" of Canada shedding 129,000 jobs in January, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.

The prime minister made the comment in New Brunswick when asked about Statistics Canada's report on Friday, which said the country's unemployment rate shot up by 0.6 percentage points in January to 7.2 per cent. Almost all of the job losses were in full-time work.

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