Friday, February 20, 2009

Gang violence will take years to conquer, says president of polic

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Though the President of Chiefs of Police is earnest in his plan to eradicate Gangs, one thing clearly missing in this plan by municipal mayors is a call to the Federal Government to implement immediate deportation of any convicted Gang Members and their families (who know of their kids gang affiliation) from Canada.  Any Canadians convicted of gang crimes recieve no bail, no credit for time served and go to prison for so long, once they are released they will be using a walker.  That will be a deterrent when gangs learn their families as well face deportation as well, cause many family members know all too well what their kids are doing. For Canadian Gang Members, knowing they will never see the light of day outside prison and perform hard labour will be a deterrent.  My ideal would be Military Prisons like Gitmo, as compared to the luxury of our mainstream prisons. Gang violence will take years to conquer, says president of police chiefs' association
By Jonathan Fowlie and Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun

The Lower Mainland is “years away” from solving the problem of gang violence, a senior police officer said Thursday. But regional mayors drew up a wish list of things they’d like the federal and provincial governments to do sooner than later. “I feel like we’re going to make some headway in the next while, but to be honest, we’ve got a long way to go,” said Abbotsford Police Chief Bob Rich, who is also president of the British Columbia Association of Municipal Chiefs of Police.

Rich said police haven’t had the resources needed to tackle the gang problem. “I honestly don’t think the level of response has been appropriate to the size of the problem,” he said, adding that additional resources announced last week by Premier Gordon Campbell would help.

Metro Vancouver mayors, hosted by Surrey’s Dianne Watts, drew up an 11-point action plan. Most of the points are beyond municipal control and will have to be addressed by the federal and provincial governments.

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