Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Five issues Harper,Obama likely tackle: Khadr Ain't one of them!

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

The 5 issues likely to be discussed are nowhere near the Issues "Special Interests Groups" (SIGs) want discussed.

One can be sure SIGs will be pissed their agenda's are not discussed, including Khadr's return to Canada from Gitmo!

As excitement builds for Barack Obama's first state visit to Canada on Thursday, so does the pressure on its frantic schedule.

At home, Mr. Obama is being pushed to address the environmental fallout from Alberta's oil sands or the injustices of our softwood lumber exports. Stephen Harper, on the other hand, faces calls to bring up the status of 22-year-old accused terrorist Omar Khadr or U.S. designs on oil deposits in the Arctic.

But a clenched-fist approach will not benefit Canada, diplomats say, especially when a profound economic crisis trumps all other issues.

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