Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fines won't keep N.L. man from riding snowblower

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
You know Police have way too much time on their hands, when they are cruising the snow covered streets of Corner Brook Newfoundland looking for people to arrest or fine.  Even the Simpsons Chief Wiggum had better common sense it seems.

Corner Brook, N.L. municipal police recently charged Pat Hickey after they observed him perched atop his John Deere snowblower crossing the roadway from his own home to his neighbour's property just a few metres away.

Hickey purchased his riding snowblower earlier this winter and has been voluntarily clearing snow from many of his neighbours' driveways, most of whom are seniors.

"I thought it would be nice to help them out but the city didn't see it that way," Hickey told Canada AM via telephone from Corner Brook on Thursday.

Last week, the city Hickey slapped with a ticket, charging him of operating a recreational vehicle on a city street which is in violation of a municipal by-law. The city claimed Hickey was causing traffic disruptions.

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