Sunday, February 08, 2009

Expert backs B.C. city's effort to shun gangsters


crime spree | Photo 02

crime spree | Photo 02

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Of course this plan will work, cause all Criminals are going to get a "Big Friggin Tattoo" on their Foreheads with "Criminal Gangster" across it. What a ludicrous idea to stop crime, much like Banning Handguns, Storeowners are not Physic, how can they tell if a criminal is a criminal.  Though BC is pretty much Ground Central for Criminals. Criminals will just go to the next town to buy their stuff or get a family member or associate to do it for them.

VANCOUVER -- Maybe the sight of a Mercedes racing down a busy street under a hail of bullets was the last straw for the citizens of Abbotsford.

The B.C. city of 135,000 in the Fraser Valley, about 60 kilometres east of Vancouver, prefers to be known more for its bucolic ambience than as a small-scale replica of the big, gang-infested city to the west.

But Abbotsford does have a gang problem -- police identify at least three -- so it's trying an old-time tactic to send a message to gangsters: Shunning.

Don't serve them in restaurants, bars or clubs. Don't sell them cars or electronics. In short, don't normalize their lifestyle and their place in the community.

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