Friday, February 13, 2009

Crown calls for 'ultimate penalty' for Canada's 1st Terrorist!

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Crown appeals to the Judge for a harsher prison  sentence for Canada's 1st High Profile Terrorist may fall on the deaf ears. You see, Momin Khawaja was a high profile Canadian Government Employee who used his Canadian Government Identification and High Level Security clearance to mastermind his Terrorist Bent, but using his Government Security Clearance, he went under both countries Terrorist Radar when flying to Britian for his Al Qaeda meetings, this "false sense of security" by  Customs and Immigration Officers resulted in one of Englands worst Terrorist Bus Bombing, gets a relatively light prison sentence compared to the death and carnage he caused.  It looks he may be out in 10 years and back into Canadian Society.

Accusations from Islamic Groups against the Government of Picking on an Innocent Muslim and a few Political types looking for that Groovy Ethnic Vote were also thrown into the mix. Virtually all professed his innocence as a Government Witchhunt.

As the trial progressed and video and email evidence was presented, supporters of Momin Khawaja started to Gag on their Tofu Lattes and began to Soil their Depends as evidence portraying this convicted Terrorist as Hell on Earth, looking to kill as many as possible for Jihad.  Certainly justice for a government reviled by his Moronic Supporters, in if given a chance Momin would not think twice of slitting all their throats for his terrorist cause!

I have been covering his trial and arrest since day one and have provided links at the end of this story for those who wish to read the entire story of Canada's 1st Terrorist.

Crown calls for 'ultimate penalty'

Fri, February 13, 2009
Says Khawaja was 'trigger man and linchpin' for U.K. terror cell

Convicted terrorist Momin Khawaja should serve two life terms, plus a minimum of 44 additional years in prison, a Crown prosecutor told a judge yesterday.

 In a blistering rebuttal to defence arguments presented last week, federal prosecutor David McKercher said Khawaja "has shown no remorse and has chose a murderous way of life." "It's possible that his offered view may be changed, but at present, he remains a grave and palpable threat to society,

" McKercher told Judge Douglas Rutherford during Khawaja's sentencing hearing.

The 29-year-old Orleans man was convicted in October of seven terrorism offences connected to financing, facilitating and participating in a U.K.-based terror cell.

McKercher called on Rutherford to hand two life sentences and between 44 and 58 additional years for five other offences.

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