Sunday, February 08, 2009

Canadians paying high price of crime

Barry Artiste, Op/Ed

Of course no one can point an accusing finger at Vangroovy for adding to this horrendous Crime Bill, because as anyone knows it is rare the British Columbia Justice System ever sends anyone to jail!  

Canadians paying high price of crime
Bill for keeping inmates comfy behind bars dings taxpayers $2.2B annually

Canada's prison service is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on everything from dentures to prosthetic limbs.

Documents obtained through Access to Information reveal how Corrections Service Canada manages its annual budget of $2.2 billion to care for its 14,500 inmates.

In the 2007-08 financial year, the department spent more than $322,000 on dentures, $162,000 on prosthetic limbs, $256,000 on eyeglasses and almost $82,000 on hearing aids. The numbers do not include Atlantic Canada.

A partial picture of the cost of prison dentistry reveals that, excluding B.C. and Atlantic Canada, taxpayers spend $2.2 million just filling cavities and cleaning prisoner's teeth.

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