Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canadian expats risk becoming 'second-class' citizens: study

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Mr. Kenny Zhang, must think we are Niave Canadians who just fell off the goddamn Lettuce truck in his plea to the Prime Minister to stop the government bill which comes into Law in April 2009 in which prevents children born to or adopted by Canadians outside of Canada from passing citizenship on to their children if they are also born abroad.

Bottom line is children born to naturalized Canadians would not have the same citizenship rights as children of those born in Canada.

Seems fair, because the few who are rich and successful will have no problem getting their kids into Canada, while many will try and scam as is always the case in order to suckle of the teats of the Canadian Taxpayer for generations to come.


Ottawa must do more to build ties with Canadians living abroad or risk losing the economic benefit of the country's large, educated, and sometimes influential, overseas population, according to a report from a think-tank on Canada's relations with Asia.

"As we have come to accept that overseas affiliates of Canadian corporations are net overseas assets that can generate long-term benefits for the country, now we need to consider the Canadian diaspora as a long-term asset to be cultivated, not spurned," said Kenny Zhang, of the Vancouver-based Asia-Pacific Foundation.

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