Saturday, February 28, 2009

Canada takes back deported gangster

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
Yep, the War on Gangs, Gangs 1, Government "Zippidity Squat", the Conservative Governments excuse that they were forced because of a previous Liberal Governments Promise, doesn't wash, Public Safety is a Concern, not previous Government Stupidity!

TORONTO -- Canadian officials acknowledged on Friday that they helped bring a "dangerous" gang member to Toronto from South Asia this week, two days before the government unveiled its new anti-gang strategy.

Panchalingam Nagalingam, who was deported in 2005 because of his involvement in a violent Toronto street gang, arrived back on Tuesday morning, and Canadian officials say they facilitated and paid for his return. The circumstances have one official lamenting that the government is "in the business of putting gangs and gangsters out of business, not in bringing them back to Canada."

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