Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Al-Jazeera English to Canada !!

Barry Artiste Op/Ed/Satire Al-Jazeera, much like CNN almost two decades ago covering the US-Iraq war will broadcast news, normally not available on mainstream stations in Canada. What would the CRTC think of all this? Well one can be certain CBC and other Canadian News Media will not be too fond of another slice of the "News Media Pie" being "Eaten" by this "News Interloper of Beheadings and Grit" avoided by mainstream News. I bet the CRTC will want Al-Jazeera to clean up it's News, and provide some Canadian Content as well, such as show "Wholesome Folksy Crotch Grabbingly MultiCulutural Diversity Drivel Shows such as: "Little Mosque on the Prairie" Rita McNeil's "All you can Eat" Christmas Specials Full Contact Major League Curling, with swords instead of brooms. "Where are them 70 Virgins Hiding" sort of like a 3's Company remake! "Burqa, Burqa, Dirka, Dirka, Where's My Burqa" sort of like "Sex in the City", except NO Sex, and a Bombed out City. "Welcome Back Khadr" Course some new non Canadian International shows may make it in Canada, such as: Paris is Burning, "Car Fire Riot Olympic Championships" "War what is it Good For"  Absolutely Everything! Of course we may be entertained by such Kissy Face Culture Nature shows such: "Israel and Iran" the Original Odd Couple! Oh the Hilarity of it all, I can just picture, Neat Freak Momar, hides 4 pounds of C-4 inside his roomate Mort's Pillowcase! While roomate Mort mixes Ham innards in Momars Falafel. Not to be outdone, special Guest Appearances by Lefty Jack Layton and BC Liberal (Anything for a vote) Premier Gordo Campbell competing for one upmanship of Polticial Correctness in who can outdo each other in "Multicultural Diversity Jeaporady" Here is an excerpt how I see it! Lefty Layton: "I'll take a Vowel for 6 Drachmas" the word is............ Right as Rain Gordo: " I would just like to say some of my best friends are non white"! Lefty Layton: Hey! No fair, thats what I was about to say! In ending, this will be Must See TV! Photo Inset: Tony Burman is the Canadian managing director of Al-Jazeera English. Photograph by: Ward Perrin, Vancouver Sun Al-Jazeera English could be broadcasting in Canada later this year By Doug Ward, Vancouver SunFebruary 10, 2009 The only international television network broadcasting graphic images of death and destruction during the recent Gaza hostilities was a network unavailable on all but a few North American TV screens: Al-Jazeera. Israel’s decision to prohibit foreign journalists from entering the Gaza Strip left the field open to Al-Jazeera, and just might have given the Qatari-funded network’s English-language news service the credibility it needs to break into the 600-channel universe found in most Canadian and American homes. This is the hope of Tony Burman, the Canadian managing director of Al-Jazeera English, who said Tuesday his network could be broadcasting in Canada later this year.

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coffee said...

i would love for Al Jazeera to be available all over the U.S... i trust their reporting quality more than CNN or Fox