Friday, January 23, 2009

Whistler Olympic Medal Ceromonies killed by budget cuts

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
It looks like Whistler may be out of the loop when it comes to the Olympic Medal Ceremonies, because of budget cuts.

Olympic Officials remain tightlipped where alternative venues would be to hold the Olympic medal ceremonies.
Of course on idea to appease both the anti poverty activists and the well heeled would be to showcase the Olympic Medal Ceremonies in Good Old Downtown Eastside. That way the homeless and the poor would at least get a front seat to watch the ceremonies as they stand shoulder to shoulder with Political Wonks and the Rich Celeb types. After all many politicians and rich Celeb types express deep concern about helping the residents of the DTES, so perhaps this is where proof is in the pudding and be nice to see if they are willing to mingle with the downtrodden, Proof that the Well Heeled will put their Mouth where their Money and Intentions Lie.

Medal presentation ceremonies planned for the $13.6-million Olympic celebration plaza in Whistler will likely be cancelled due to budget pressures, Vancouver Organizing Committee CEO John Furlong said Wednesday.

That means Whistler residents and Winter Games spectators won't be able to catch as much of the Olympic spirit as planned at the plaza, which was especially built for that purpose.

Faced with a much more dire financial picture than expected, the committee has "rearranged" its $1.63-billion operating budget to remove items that are not central to its mandate of providing services to athletes, Furlong told reporters.

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