Saturday, January 31, 2009

South Park's Kenny stars in murder trial


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Barry Artiste OP/Ed
One wonders If a Lesson can be learned in all this when Prosecutor "TimMAY"!! makes his legendary closing arguments on the fate of this Kenny Imposter and his accomplices, while Judge Butters, gives the accused a good Grounding, the Defence Lawyer Cartman demands the accused "Respect Mah Authouriton"! 

Kenny's legal guardians Mr.Slave and Mr. Garrision (sans Mr. Hat) will certainly point an accusing finger at Kenny's accomplice, "Towelie" and "Sexual Harrassment Panda" as the prime suspects in the untimely Death of Mr. Hanky "The Christmas Poo"!  

Jury Foreman Counsellor Mackey verdict "Don't Do Drugs, Drugs are Bad" certainly seem lost on the accused, who under Bad Drugs mistook Mr. Hanky for a large Chocolate Ice Cream  Cone when they were arrested by Officer Barbrady!

Stay tuned, as I am sure a "Lesson will be Learned" as this lengthy trial continues at World Police Headquarters!

"America Hell Yeah!"

A cartoon character was entered as Exhibit No. 9 yesterday during a second-degree murder trial because a defence lawyer wanted to illustrate how an accused was apparently wearing a coat.

Lawyer Vince Clifford filed a printout of the character Kenny from South Park after telling jurors he searched Google for the image to understand how a witness was describing Emmanuel Chretien, one of two men charged in the death of Michael Lee Hibsman.

Clifford is the lawyer for co-accused Mathieu Goyette.

Nancy Villeneuve, Chretien's former girlfriend, had told jurors that she saw Chretien near a Burger King on Montreal Rd. wearing his hood partially over his face after they went to check out police activity on Emond St. on Nov. 11, 2006. She described him as looking like Kenny.


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