Friday, January 30, 2009

Lefty Canadian Principal Bans Singing O Canada Anthem in School

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Perhaps it is high time to enforce a few rules in Canada, especially when the individual beliefs of one are festered on young minds.  Many Canadians, including me believe teachers whose political and socialist leanings (read Left) and beliefs has no place in our schools, a course curriculum is laid out for students to follow period. The Canadian Anthem has always been a part of the school system and though may be separate from a cirrculum,  it should still be mandatory as this is Canada, and we are all Canadians.

Speaking of deviating from course curriculum, I remember in the a couple of decades ago  our professor reliving his "Hippie Days in Toronto and Vangroovy" was talking about his beliefs of a NEW LEFTY WORLD ORDER, to us students. Some "Sheep" class mates took the bait, and some like me questioned his "Eye Glazer" beliefs. Of course he was not to fond of my questioning his personal motives.  In ending, our teacher Mr. Tofu as I liked to call him, suffered the slings of arrows later from the academic community when it was revealed he married one of our classmates soon after her graduation a couple of years later. Seems he was carrying on with at her tender age of 19 versus his 42 year. Certainly raised a lot of questions about his Svengali ways and methods over his flock.  But then the media is full of stories like this.

I put it this way, teach only from the school laws and leave your political personal crap at home next to your Taliban Manual and  Mao's Red Book. Canada is Canada and our Anthem is sacred, get used to it, or leave!

Schools should have to play O Canada: N.B. education minister Last Updated: Thursday, January 29, 2009 | 7:06 PM AT Comments188Recommend78 CBC News

The New Brunswick government will be examining rules that allow schools to independently decide whether they will play the national anthem on a daily basis, says Education Minister Kelly Lamrock.

Lamrock made the announcement on Thursday after it was revealed on Wednesday that an elementary school in southern New Brunswick had stopped playing O Canada at the start of each school day about a year ago.

Belleisle Elementary School principal Erik Millet said the decision was made to accommodate some parents, who indicated they didn't want their children taking part in the daily singing of the anthem.

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