Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feds back down on push to declare chewing gum chemical "toxic ...


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Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Canadians and Americans who chew gum, especially those who use it as a substitute for cigarettes have been dealt a blow to their health when it is discovered that sugary gum flavour after taste may kill with Cancer you down the road anyways. Course the cancer may just become oral cancer and not lung cancer, who knows, it is the luck of the draw I suppose!

Feds back down on push to declare chewing gum chemical "toxic to human health"  By Sarah Schmidt, Canwest News ServiceJanuary 31, 2009  

OTTAWA — The federal government has backed down on plans to declare two chemicals found in some chewing gum and cosmetics as toxic.

But the health and environment departments on Friday also moved ahead with plans to declare three other chemicals used in everyday products as toxic to the environment.

These include two types of siloxanes known as D4 and D5, commonly found in shampoos, skin care products, deodorants and household cleaning products. Siloxanes are also found in silicone breast implants.

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