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Canadian Woman in Saudi cannot Leave: Saudi Law She's Property


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Isn't Multiculturalism and Diversity, just the Cat's Meow? It's not like the Canadian Government has not told Canadians for decades in the media and on their websites, that when in another country, Beware! You are under their Laws, Culture and Customs and so are any children you may have.  

Many Clueless Canadians believe that because they are Canadian, Canadian Law and Multiculture and Diversity Wholesomeness  travels with them. Yep, Stunned People, are Clueless People.  But try telling that to all the Lefty McTards, who vouch that Canada should embrace other Cultures and their customary Laws insisting they should be integrated into Canadian Society, even if many Cultures believe woman are no more than Breeding Stock like so many Cattle and treated as such! 

These Leftards though scream racism if Canadians try to circumvent other Cultures who try to impose their cultural beliefs, laws and traditions on Canadian culture.  Though remain supportive and silent of other countries whose Cultures and laws leave a lot to be desired, never insisting their Countries follow Canadas example of Lefty Ideology!   Now, How Apre Peu is that?

Certainly many Canadians think since Canada is so damn Hunky Dory as a Showcase of Group Cultural Hugs and Kisses, that the World should follow Canada's Example of Down Home Gosh Darn live and let live Lefty Philosphy.  I guess these World Cultures didn't get that Lefty Email! Hence why many rely on our Government and Tax Dollars to bail their sorry asses out! 

MMMMM I'm in Cultural Flavour Country!  But then I have visited many of these countries in my profession and know of their laws and cultures and know which ones to avoid.  

Canada intervenes in Saudi marital dispute  Canwest News ServiceJanuary 30, 2009  

MONTREAL — A high-level representative of the federal government has met with Nathalie Morin, a 24-year-old Quebec woman who claims she is being held against her will in Saudi Arabia.

Deepak Obhrai, parliamentary secretary to Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, met with Morin and her Saudi husband, Abdallah Ramthi Al-Bishi, in Saudi Arabia on Dec. 22 to mediate in the couple’s dispute, a Foreign Affairs spokesperson told Canwest News Service last night.

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