Friday, January 30, 2009

Canada pays the price of immigration on the cheap


Immigration | Photo 02

Immigration | Photo 02

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This National Post story by Rudyard Griffiths has certainly picked at the scabs of multiculturalism and diversity with Pro and Con going back and forth in the "Must Read Comments section of this story". Certainly inflaming Readers on both sides, Who is right and who is wrong is certainly a debate which may soon come to loggerheads with Canadians as the Canadian and American economy falters in the coming years.

Like I said, it is a good story, but a far greater story is the comments from the minds of Canadians posted in this National Post story. 

Certainly of interest would be comments from Now Public readers in this Op.Ed column as well.

One of the enjoyable things about writing for the National Post is the feedback you get from readers. My last column (“Change the things you can,” Jan. 14) — suggesting a temporary reduction in immigration levels to retain, during these recessionary times, skilled workers who have emigrated to Canada — was no exception.

Some readers challenged me to explain how Canada could not but welcome 250,000 or more newcomers each year given its fast ageing workforce and flaccid birth rate. Others posited that the country’s commitment to sustained high immigration is a source of national pride and a policy that sets Canada apart from its peer nations.  

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