Saturday, January 31, 2009

4 RCMP Killer's Helpers jailed-1.5 years for each Mountie killed

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Many wonder why Canada is called Nancy Canada when it comes to Justice, 2 men convicted were complicit in the shooting deaths of 4 RCMP officers from Mayerthorpe, Alberta while they investigated a Grow op owned by James Roszko in 2005 who later killed himself.   The Seven year prision sentence handed to each accomplice equates to about 1.5 years for each RCMP Mountie murdered, as Canada has a 2/3 sentencing in which Murderers can be released after serving 2/3 of their sentence.

This also brings to mind many in Canada who say Marijuana and Grow Op are harmless pastimes, certainly should have a lengthy discussion with the RCMPs family on the subject.

Any many wonder why Officers everywhere, sometimes lose it, when injustices like this are commonplace, when day after day they place themselves in harms way to protect an uncaring and thankless public.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen has been tirelessly trying to end the Nancyisms in the Canadian Justice System by passing strong anti crime bills, which are stonewalled by a Liberal dominated Senate.  Certainly Canadians should ask themselves who the Liberals represent, because clearly it does not seem to be for Law Abiding Canadians.

EDMONTON - Short of drawing up the plan and pulling the trigger, Shawn Hennessey couldn't have been more help to Mountie-murderer James Roszko, and for that he must serve more than 10 years in jail, a judge ruled Friday.

Justice Eric Macklin also found that while Dennis Cheeseman was a virtual tag-a-long, he knew he was placing Mounties in mortal danger and therefore must serve more than seven years behind bars.

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