Sunday, January 25, 2009

3,000 would-be immigrants used fake Que. health cards: report

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

And one wonders why Americans accuse Canada as a "Porous Sieve" for Illegals walking into our Country with many keeping an illegal eye in getting in the Good Ole USA. What will happen to these so called Immigration Consultants?  Most likely a fine, if there is any money to be had, as for jail time, well very few ever see jail time of any length of time, hence not a great deterrent in order to open up for business the next day and do it all over again.

As for the 3,000 illegals who broke the law, what will happen to them, perhaps a background check to weed out any who have a lengthy criminal record in their home countries in Africa, though in many third world countries Record keeping in any form is pretty much sketchy.

Chances are each and everyone of these Illegals will have plenty O stories of harsh treatment in their former homeland if they return. So they may be allowed to remain in Canada. Why? Because first Canada would have to determine their birth country in order to deport them, and of course a mysterious game of cat and mouse will ensue when trying to get any information of personal documentation of their country of origin, as with most, they (Illegals convieniently destroy such documentation).

In ending, one can be sure there will be line ups of  Vote Grubbing Politicians and the resulting grandstanding on both the Pro and Con side.


MONTREAL — Quebec’s health-care insurance board and the RCMP have uncovered a ring of about 3,000 north Africans allegedly using fake medicare cards to help themselves immigrate to Canada, according to a report in La Presse published Saturday.

In a statement, the Regie de l’assurance maladie du Quebec confirmed it is investigating “a sophisticated subterfuge that apparently was set up by an immigration consultant to make believe his clients live in Quebec.” It did not say how many people might be involved, however.


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