Monday, November 10, 2008

Follow McCain's Example in Defeat

Lee Judge’s cartoon (11/6, Opinion) showing the White House with the caption “How many houses does John McCain own? One less than he thought” is just one more jab at an American hero.

No, John McCain will not be “owning” the White House, but neither will Barack Obama. The presidents are guests there during their time of service. In his concession speech, McCain was very gracious. It was an inspiring and well-written speech — the best concession speech ever, at least for the last three elections.

McCain was respectful in his loss. Unfortunately, The Star has decided to not do so in its victory. Yes, the media won. Their candidate was elected. To be so gloating is tasteless. To be a sore loser is one thing, but a sore winner is worse.

Let us respect the candidates, win or lose, for their service to democracy. May we all move forward to do our best for America.

Follow McCain's Example in Defeat

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