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Richmond BC Dealership run by Convicted Drug Trafficker

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In late 1999 International Heroin Drug Trafficker Diven Nair is arrested in Los Angeles for trying to smuggle Heroin, he pleads guilty in a US court and is sentenced to 9 years in a US Federal Prison, oh but wait for it, under the Liberal Government who were in power at the time, Mr. Heroin Trafficker is soon transferred to a Canadian prison (Thanks Liberal Government), Nair once in Canada gets an accelerated parole review on Sept. 7, 2001, and soon is walking our Canadian Streets a free man. Hmmmm lets see, is convicted and told to serve 9 years, whines to come to Canada to serve his 9 year jail sentence, the USA send him to Canada, and what seems like once he steps on Canadian soil, he is up for parole.

The Drug trafficker serves little jail time, so he can go right back into Criminal activities. And people in Canada wonder how our streets are unsafe?

One only has to look at the Justice System in this country to see why, when Lefty Liberal appointed Parole Board members are running the show.

Is it any wonder criminals when caught in the United States, immediately plea to our Canadian Government to serve their time in Canada?

Hell, what a joke, they serve little prison time in Canada when compared to the United States justice.

And what of deporting this individual to his native country?  Why keep him in Canada? Well, with our Multicultural, Diversity, etc....slobber, gobble, slurp and swallow, this is Liberal Far Left Wing British Columbia dinja know?

Where Criminals deserve a 128th (convictions)chance to mend their ways. We don't deport yet alone jail criminals. Heaven Pray Tell, Cause British Columbia prides itself on being different than the rest of the world.

One can only guess now Criminals may have to rely on laundering dirty money to buy real estate or laundering money in  casinos, buy buying thousands of dollars in chips, gamble, lost a hundred or so dollars and cash out all their chips and get back free clean casino money, go out have a smoke take the clean money and get another bagful of dirty money, come back into the casino and do it all over again.

Yay British Columbia, Let the Olympic Games Begin, cause Criminals all over the world when they get here will be stunned to see how easy it is to set up a Criminal Organization.

As for Police, well their hands are tied, as fast as they arrest em, the justice system releases em. Yep, certainly true when Politicians state British Columbia is the Bestest place in the world to live, thousands of criminals agree with that assessment.

The National Parole Board gave him both day parole and full parole on the same day, with two special conditions.

Richmond dealership run by convicted trafficker Daewoo Auto Sales manager Diven Karan Nair was sentenced to nine years in the U.S.

Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun Published: Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Richmond car dealership that for years shared a close relationship with Coquitlam's Four Star Auto Leasing is run by a convicted international drug trafficker, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Diven Karan (David) Nair is the general manager of the Daewoo Auto Sales dealership at 10740 Cambie Road. The business is owned by his wife Rajni Chand.

Nair was arrested in California in 1998 as part of an international heroin and cocaine trafficking scheme headed by Vancouver gangster Ranjit Singh Cheema, who pleaded guilty this year to conspiring to import.

Nair and two co-accused, who were caught near Los Angeles, pleaded guilty in 1999 and were sentenced to nine years.

Four Star president Erich Schmidt confirmed Friday that Daewoo was one of the brokers that referred problem clients to his Coquitlam company and that he has now cut off business with the Richmond car dealer.

Court documents obtained by The Sun show that Daewoo and Four Star had a dispute over the ownership of a Ford truck in 2006 and Four Star sued Daewoo over allegations of fraud involving the $40,000-plus vehicle.

Earlier this year, a B.C. Supreme Court judge threw out the case, saying there was not enough evidence before him to determine which party was in the wrong.

Nair's affidavits in the case lay out just how closely the two companies were interconnected. Nair lists his address at 1013 Park Drive, the Vancouver home he owns with Chand, who is the sole director of Daewoo, according to corporate records. "For many years, Daewoo has had a close business relationship with the plaintiff.

Most customers of Daewoo who wish to acquire a vehicle by way of a lease are referred to the plaintiff by Daewoo," Nair said.

He explained that Daewoo even kept Four Star lending applications at its dealership so customers who wanted to arrange a lease on a Daewoo vehicle could get their credit from Four Star.

A Four Star manager named David Mak would provide a lease quote over the phone, Nair said, which would be passed on to the customer.

If the customer agreed, Nair would fill out the paperwork and fax it over to Four Star, which would sign off and send it back. "This has been a long-standing practice, and David Mak had always authorized Daewoo to sign transfer documentation on behalf of the plaintiff," Nair said.

"In almost all cases, there would be no direct contact between (Four Star) and the customer acquiring the vehicle." He said sometimes the lease arrangement would be made for a vehicle that was owned by neither Daewoo nor Four Star.

Below is my previous story today on Now Public on Gangsters, Greed, Corruption and Money Laundering in the Luxury Car Market.

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Richmond BC Dealership run by Convicted Drug Trafficker Richmond BC Dealership run by Convicted Drug Trafficker Richmond BC Dealership run by Convicted Drug Trafficker Richmond BC Dealership run by Convicted Drug Trafficker Richmond BC Dealership run by Convicted Drug Trafficker Richmond BC Dealership run by Convicted Drug Trafficker

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